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Type: Rings
Type: Millefiori
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  1. Aria Cuban Ring
    Out of Stock
    Aria Cuban Ring

    SKU: 211-F2070

    MRP: ₹157,000
    eShop Price: ₹102,000.00
  2. Bella Cuban Ring
    Out of Stock
    Bella Cuban Rin ...

    SKU: 211-F2068

    MRP: ₹97,000
    eShop Price: ₹63,000.00
  3. Arden Cuban Ring
    Out of Stock
    Arden Cuban Rin ...

    SKU: 211-F1961

    MRP: ₹111,000
    eShop Price: ₹72,000.00
  4. Micaiah Ring
    Micaiah Ring

    SKU: 218-Z9460

    eShop Price: ₹154,000.00
  5. Lupin Ring
    Lupin Ring

    SKU: 218-Z9454

    eShop Price: ₹106,000.00
  6. Elio Band
    Elio Band

    SKU: 218-Z9437

    eShop Price: ₹59,000.00
  7. Nirvana Band
    Nirvana Band

    SKU: 218-Z9413

    eShop Price: ₹42,000.00
  8. Orion Band
    Orion Band

    SKU: 218-Z9405

    eShop Price: ₹91,000.00
  9. Reign Band
    Reign Band

    SKU: 218-Z9350

    eShop Price: ₹92,000.00
  10. Zaire Band
    Zaire Band

    SKU: 218-Z9303

    eShop Price: ₹109,000.00
  11. Pierre Ring
    Pierre Ring

    SKU: 218-F1049

    eShop Price: ₹155,000.00
  12. Oriel Ring
    Oriel Ring

    SKU: 218-F1048

    eShop Price: ₹225,000.00
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